My Philosophy

I respect and honour each person as an individual with unique needs, every person can reach for and achieve their fullest potential; regardless and in spite of their situation.  Change is inevitable and the one constant in our living. People hold the right to be self-directing and autonomous; by embracing existence and responsibility for our own living we create meaning and choice for how we will live our own individual life.  Human life is a process of and in becoming and can be seen and felt in the essence of all that we are at any one time.

My Passion

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The seat of my passion sits in supporting others enduring emotional & psychological suffering; I respect the whole person and holistic well-being. Offering confidential consultations, providing a supportive service where clients may be facilitated to become aware of, acknowledge and work through any concerns which may affect and/or interfere with satisfying living.  People have many concerns which bring them into counselling and indeed it takes courage to acknowledge and strength to seek support from another.  The process is both rewarding and life enriching, the counselling relationship a bridge for clients who wish to find a more balanced living, move forward onto the path of peace.

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My Mission Statement
Fostering Personal & Professional
Growth & Development


  • All humans have within themselves the resources and ability to create a positive  and satisfying way of being and living if they chose to do so.
  • All Humans have the ability to use science, reason, intuition, are conscious Beings and have an awareness of being conscious and aware of  self in the context of others.
  • Human have the right to be Autonomous, Self-directed, some choice which brings responsibilities & accountability.
  • All people are different, equal, unique, valuable and worthy of being prized regardless.
  • A persons behaviour is separate to the person and is not indicative of the whole person; the whole person is greater than the sum of their parts.
  • A persons own experiences have the most authority and meaning to their individualistic living.
  • Relationship is central to  healing from trauma, emotional and psychological dis-ease.
  • Here & Now is paramount to healing, people seek goals, meaning and value to their living.

I advocate  for:

  • Self-discovery-understanding
  • Self-development
  • Self-care
  • Self-awareness
  • Healthy Self-expression
  • Human rights
  • Personal Insight & balance
  • Transparency & Genuiness
  • Non-judgment of Others/Self
  • Compassion both with others  and Self
  • Psychoeducation as part of self-care
  • Mental Wealth
  • Life-long learning
  • Positive Role modelling
  • Humanness-Humanity
  • Connection with the living and the dead
I Understand

A diagnosis of a 'condition' whilst may be helpful for the projected path of the said condition whether a mental health or physical impairment  I understand the label is not the person and I prefer to meet a person as they are in the here and now when they present in session.

Counselling can support you whilst exploring and clarifying your situation making life more manageable and build resiliency for a productive and peaceful future.

Carpe Diem - Seize this day

Contact me and together we will create a way forward for a balanced, productive and peaceful future.

Susan Stubbings Doncaster