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Written By Susan Stubbings
What exactly is an affirmation?
An affirmation is a short positive statement that something is already happening.

It is not happening tomorrow or in the future, but right here, right now.
There a few things to remember about affirmations:
Always state your affirmation in the present
Negative:    I will handle all my fears.
Positive:      I am now handling all my fears.
Always phrase affirmations in the positive,
rather than the negative.
Negative:    I am no longer putting myself down.
Positive:      I am becoming confident every day. 

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Select affirmations that feel right for you at any given time.  What feels right may change as your situation and mood changes and as you grow in Self confidence.
Positive quotes:  Find those that really touch you in some way.  Some very effective affirmations for me are:
  • I can cope.
  • I am creating peace within me one step at a time,
  • I have a place in the world and the world has a place in me,
  • Can I do this? Yes.
  • One life a million uses. (Bhuda)
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway. (Jeffers)
Write each quote on an individual index card or post-it note.  Then put them all over the place: on your mirrors, your desk, the refrigerator door, in the car, your diary and so on.  You may want to put one quote that really speaks to you on many cards so that wherever you turn it is there as a reminder. 

You will find your quotes will change often as you move forward in your life.  Different ideas are meaningful at different times.  Just keep changing your quotes or adding to them; get creative  try bringing some lightness to the task draw, colour or make a collage.

As you can see on the slideshow above you can have images which really speak to you which trigger a postive message so you don't even need to have words once your affirmations have become integrated into your subconcious and become part of your psyches  fibre replacing  all those negative thoughts and chatter.
Affirmations are Self-talk in its highest form.  Affirmations are your greatest, easiest and cheapest tool to use.

Susan Stubbings Doncaster