Counselling - Quality time for you

Counselling changes lives.  It is an opportunity for you to give yourself some quality time so you can have a safe space to explore, clarify and work through anything which concerns you and puts distance or detracts you from living a contented life. I offer one-to-one, couple and family confidential consultations, providing a compassionate and caring supportive service: where clients may be facilitated to become aware of, acknowledge and work through any concerns which may affect and/or interfere with satisfying living,

You may not know what you need but are having some difficulty in life, your way of being might not be going as you wish it to, you may not be reaching your fullest potential.  You may have specific issues you wish to focus upon or issues you are finding more difficult and would like to explore further or be more challenged or not challenged at all and need a space to clarify, talk and be listened to ......  your therapy is your space and time it's about you and your needs please feel free to ask for what you really need, ask as many questions as you wish to clarify and its OK to change direction if you need.  In the beginning of therapy it may be difficult for you to do so but as we engage and build a relationship you will become more empowered and find asking for what you need and want a little easier.


Individual session:      

60 mins   £35
60 mins   £30
60 mins   £50 
Its good to talk
Counselling works best when both client and counsellor are engaged in communication which empowers clients to find solutions to their concerns and/or to clarify their thought processes. This is known as a working allience and entered into freely by both client and counsellor.
If you feel I may be able to support you and feel we can work together to find a productive way forward. Please use the site contact form to   make an intitial connection and/or telephone Thank you.  
You may have concerns about
- Accident  - (impact/coping/management)
- Abuse
- Adoption (affects of) 
- Affairs
- Anger resolution/management
- Bereavement
- Bullying
- Building resiliency
- Career development
- Child related concerns
- Childhood sexual abuse (adults)
- Crime related issues
- Chronic pain (living with)

- Decision making
- Debt
- Depression
- Difficulty with life stage transitions
- Divorce
- Diveristy issues

- Dissocation
- Diagnosis issues
- Domestic Violance (victim)
- Emotional & inner conflicts
- Emotional abuse
- Eating Disorders
- Family issues
- Gambling addictions

- Generalized anxiety disorder
- Health Anxiety
- Illness (management)

- Impairment (physical & mental)
- Impairment newly impacted by
- Loss (other than through death)
- Loss of a beloved pet
- Leaving Care 
- Low self-confidence
- Low self-esteem
- Life changes
- Menopause
- Miscarriage
- Money worries

- Nervous breakdown
- Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD)
- Panic attacks
- Passive aggressive behaviour
- Personality disorders
- Phobias
- Physical abuse

- Raising self-awareness
- Post traumtic stress disorder (PTSD, CPTSD)
- Postnatal depression
- Redundancy
- Relationship anxieties
- Relationship breakdown
- Relationship astrained
- Relationship separation

- Self-development
- Self-harm
- Seasonal affective disorder  (SAD)
- Sexual abuse
- Social Anxiety disorder

- Shyness
- Sleep problems
- Spiritual matters
- Smoking cesstation
- Suicidal thoughts
- Time management
- Trauma

- Unhealthy Narcissism
- Victim of crime (muggings, rape, assult etc)
- Work related stress
- Worries (unspecified)

This is not an inclusive list if you don't see the issue/s which concern you please contact me to discuss your needs.

Please note sessions cancelled at short notice will be be charged for, payment through BACS will be invoiced.

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal
 Pamela Vaull Starr

Susan Stubbings Doncaster