Life is lived through a lens we all look through our own eyes out into the world we live within.

We look inwards to what drives us outwards and outwards to what drives us inwards; to balance would
be to look both
outwards and inwards.

All our life is lived through our own lens, the 
Point  Of Perception
our own indvidual
perception has a knock on effect to what guides us
to how we
think, feel and behave
and live in our
individual world. 

“We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.”

Max de Pree

The Lens of life!

Written By Susan Stubbings
Everything we believe, everything we contemplate and everything we envisage is all seen through our own eyes, the window to our Soul some would say and others would say "the world according to Susan" (said with sarcasm) and yes I would agree the world is how I see it, my world and the way I live because it can't be any other way to how I perceive the world through my own lens otherwise my life would be in chaos and I would be not able to function very well. 

As such my website is built on how I interact in the world I live in and how I interact with the people I meet upon my path. Along with the way I experience life and how my experiencing of those experiences living throws at me for example my logo and name Pendulum of Peace is built around the concept life is a process, we are all born so we have life and we all die someday, these are the facts of our human condition, being human, what we do in-between these two points is what counts.
POP referes to the 'Point Of Perception ' on the continuum of the 'Pendulum Of Peace'

The pendulum is in perpetual movement for all of us even if we are not aware it is.

 When livings pressure builds or an unexpected traumatic experience catches us off guard living erupts like a volcano and the tides of time and life as we know and knew it can be gone forever with the strike of lightning.  The shadow of the dark clouds affect can perch on our shoulder and take root in the core of our Being, and ebb and flow of the tide of our emotions strike over and over again and we wear the cloak of the after waves for years to come and for some for the rest of their life.  The blast waves can hit and keep hitting us at the most inopportune times as we relive those moments over and over again or the affects can swarm around us like a nest of flying ants who have been disturbed.

What has always popped into my head when I am challenged by life's conundrums is the question "when will peace arrive?", as if waiting for something to happen or someone else to bring about this peace I wish for, desire and need so very much when my living is upside down, inside out and shaken all about.

Sadly, some people live their whole life in chaos going from one turmoil to another the first cut being the deepest and hardest to get through setting us up for what follows for years to come and I was guilty of that for the first half of my life. waiting waiting and whilst I waited for some sort of unseen, unknown phenomenon to happen to fix me or someone to come rescue me I gave away my personal authentic power until one day out of the blue just like an internal memo or mast being raised I recognized .....

Peace is the gift we give to our Self ... it was so subtle I missed it over and over again.

As I've grown and developed as a person I recognize peace doesn't just happen, time doesn't heal all wounds and what hasn't killed me hasn't actually made me stronger it made me weaker, smaller and vulnerable and scared to be in my own skin ....

It's not time, circumstances or traumatic events which make us stronger, more resilient or heal our wounds. 

It's what we choose to do with our time in our time which makes all the difference in the time we each individually have gifted to us for the life we have.

It is what we do with life' puzzles that makes all the difference and the consequences of living what life throws at us

We are all unique individuals yet we all have commonalities in life for example we all experience strength, power, energy, passion, danger desire and of course love (red) we all experience enthusiasm, joy, happiness, success and creativity (orange).   We all experience Sunshine, honour, loyalty, intellect and spontenaty (yellow) we all experience stability, spirituality and wisdom (purple); we all experience depth, consciousness and intellect (dark blue).  We all experience health, understanding and healing (light blue) ... and we all experience the opposite of all of the above the mysteries, overpowerment and death (black) ... the true equalizer for us all!  Yet none of us really know what death is, it may be a rainbow of all the colours of our life or it may be nothingness or depth a new perspective!

.... and of course green the colour associated with life, growth, abundance, safety, energy balance, harmony, naturalness and Peace.

We can ALL experience peace IF we give peace a chance of course.

As an adult it's up to each and every one of us to find our own peace, in our own time, at our own pace, when we are ready we may embark on the path of peace.

We all have to come to terms with the enigma of death and this mystery we call life because that is what we are all in .... LIFE ....

Pendulum Of Peace and its logo is a metaphor for life, its subtleties, its mysteries, its colorfulness, its loud emotional rollercoaster and its opposite of noiselessness unknown before resting and enjoying our life on the middle point of balance and peace.  The moving pendulum reminds us we all need to Do as well as Be

To Balance and give peace a chance in our own living

On our individual and continuing

Pilgrimage Of Peace

To your mental wealth always.

Warm regards Sue 
Susan Stubbings Doncaster