Written by
Susan Stubbings

This Circle of Love

We sit in this circle
To continue making some sense
Of our sorrow and heartache
That will never be spent

This grief that none of us
Would wish upon another
To meet .... 

Dare I even whisper?
What we all know
A circle of life complete

The shock and the pain
Causes me to be inside myself
Lost a part of me that contained
My precious you

Yet the bond we have with our
Precious ones forever to hold
Is Love ...

With love we can go forward
So the Spirit and essence of our Child
 Lives on in us and through us

So as we sit in this circle
Let each of us re-member
Our precious Child
 Time past becomes times present
To times future
Because the circle of love
Never dies....

Peace will come

When reflecting over the worn time
And the new seems to be
A very distant shore … unreachable
When life seems one long struggle
Bathing in the deep
Pain searing at your feet
Waiting to engulf you it may seem
Ticking like a wobbling clock
Words torn, forlorn …...  word no more
When your world seems all ... 
When life’s cycle is all about

Missing ……
Your beloved, them, you, me,
myself, I and living seems like
A hard bristled brush
Made of steel, made of stone
Shooing you along
The currents of your breath
Sweeping you aside
Feelings all-encompassing
Others cannot see
Breath .......... Inhale deep

Times gone by … Time waits
For no man, woman or child
The crow flies
Here you are today
Reflecting on what was
Recall memories
The harmony and the discord
In equal measure
You may weep
All seen hanging in the balance
Write their names within your heart
Write them bold, write them clear

They are forever near secure
In your very essence they live on ….
So live for them today, tomorrow
and beyond.  Wipe your tears
On the handkerchief of a new dawn
Your heart whispers how great
thou art for enduring
For surviving
For Being
Its been no simple feat
Hear the sounds of your own beat …
You may be weary, tired, depleted

As echoes thunder
Look for your sunshine
Within the rain
 Swift Be
Embrace your inner divine
These are, were and will be again
The days of your life
Embrace wholeheartedly your living
The Pendulum Of Perpetually
Is in motion for your choosing
Take hold and

Abide with me
We shall ride this eventide
As the old year draws to a close
Celebrate your strength
Celebrate your courage
Celebrate your fortitude
Celebrate YOU
Peace O Pending
           Peace is near
                Peace will come
                          Peace will come
                                              Peace will come


When I look at you inwardly or outwardly
I see an imperial light so brightly, so elegantly regal
Like a sparkling crystal, a cameo, a precious jewel so real
Streaming cyclosis Opalite of my inner dreaming out loud

I see a golden sphere shining like a Polaris
Gleaming through vivid purpled eye-catching revolutions
Your stunning mauve Aura vibrant circular motions
Guiding me to your heartening, your esteemed sacred equinox
I see the innocence of your shy glorious Inner Child
A celestial equator of radiance, shimmering illuminating
Heavens like a dynamic bird of awe and wonder
Pegasus stunningly fluttering elevating the Phoenix’ apocalypse

When I look at you I see hurts not flaws, bruises
Torrents, unkind deceivers burning into your nucleus
Like an electron, multi-coloured Achilles' heels
An unwrapped Being in All your Humanness ...exquisite

I see Merlinus nigh like pendulumic galactic scales harmonizing
You’re blazing Sun rays a spectacular guest in my revenue
A passionate fire melting my past sorrows, healing displeasures giving
Sovereign strengths like supernova rubies gathering in my breast

I see as above so below, the comforting luminous of believing in you
A reversal of fickle fortune, the siren of your ocean
Like a belisha beacon for my life force, my desires, my wanting
True qualities cultivating a buoy of perfection

When I look at you the moonstone of my
Wishes parallaxes become translucent, feeds
The roots of my living tree cascading creativity
Into the grazing terrain of your magnetic landscape

I see a vision of pure enchantment electrifying
You’re golden lavender halo protecting like a
Midnight Diamond Amethyst sat on a perpetual ecliptic mist
Generating a rainbow for my lost Childhood, lost Youth

I see you’re all encompassing living Neptune
Natural oceanic strength of strength, gentle of gentle
Oh so beautiful face of tenderness, magical wizardry
Marvel at your accomplishment of humility and grace

When I look at you I see the standing ovation
Of Aurora Borealis, I feel a rarefied flow of hot plasma
Volcanic eruptions, deep-sea visions, majestic gold footed,
Hand, fingerprints on my shore, in my sand, pearls, wisdom

I see the flow of your magnificent river
The fountain of your pleasure bathing all over me
In quiet noisy contentment, my bliss of pure emotion
My embryonic sensual awakening for your eyes only

I see a fully clothed autumn wood, the dance of Spirits
Unbridled upon the Milky Way, graceful in a sunlight lake
A waterfall of gems, the passion of my adoration
Ancient Time Divination echo of the Way

When I look at you I see unique wonder of my living divinity
The striking lime light of Seventh Heaven
Unparalleled crumpiliscious debonair light of all lights
Comets shooting stars into my heart

I see thunderous eyes applaud
Heaving Heavens sigh rhythmic euphoric breath
Overjoyed peace, rejoicing for the Deity of the Dawn
Heralding the phenomenal arrival of the Sun …..

I see a chorus of Angels singing in delightful rapture
Because they see what I see
The stunning razzle dazzle that
Is ..... ........

Written by Susan Stubbings


My love is not an emotional state
To be gotton over
As I witness myself within my core
The blooming of my consciousness
Is adored
In a state of my being pure
There’s no chatter about coping with
Life’s challenges
Or transient emotions evoked
Fleeting or passing through
There something else!
My love is a continuous Being requisition
It doesn’t need fixing or shifting
It has been unconcealed
From the mass cover up
Of life’s conundrums
My love is the core of who I am
A Spirit within this earthly body
The drive of my creative life force
Like the warmth of the Sun
The light of the Moon
The crust of the Earth
The budding of a blossom
It’s the matter of my life and death
Created through the merging of
My unconscious with the Now
The integration of inflections
Into my natural state
Love unconditional
As above so below
I am ... enough
And sew

Susan Stubbings Doncaster