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"Contact me today if
you wish to begin
making sense of what
troubles or concerns you  with support of a creative professional Counsellor
who is deeply aware,
skilled and  knowledgable.    Experienced  supporting clients with a wide variety
of human concerns and struggles on their individual explorations seeking their
personal path of peace". 

" Contact me today if
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engage with a creative, innovative
professional Supervisor
who is deeply aware, skilled and knowledgeable in the
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One of my strengths is
how theory underpins all
counselling support and
how it relates to
counselling practice."

Professional profile

Susan Stubbings Registered Member MBACP

I support people aged 16 and above; my particular area of interest and experience sits in supporting clients through the effects which trauma and traumatic life experiences bring.  I have created  and written professional workshops and a six month bereavement program which I deliver on a monthly basis supporting families following the death of a precious Child.

Presently I am employed within a Hospice setting 3 days a week supporting parents, grandparents, careres and extended family members through the toughest of times.

Also offering individual, couple and family consultations within my private practice 2 days a week.

I offer face-to-face and telephone counselling and face-to-face self-development, psychoeducation and inner child healing.   Supporting clients suffering the effects of common mental health issues and those affected by misuse of alcohol.  I offer counselling Supervision to  colleagues supporting clients, in a variety of setting.

My core training as a therapist is in the philosophy of the Humanistic School of thought; attending additional training in bereavement, suicide awareness, trauma, alcohol misuse, mindfulness, CBT, sexual abuse, domestic violence.  I trained in serious crime and many ongoing workshops to both maintain and enhance my awareness, skills and knowledge. So I may offer clients high standards of professional, ethical, skilled and knowledgeable support.  The most awareness, skills, knowedge and experience I have is from the school of hard knocks and the university of life.  

My portfolio is available to view evidencing my  qualifications, on-going training, membership to BACP and professional insurance and current DBS certificates in place.  

Commencing in 2006 and presently working in private practice supporting clients who present with a range of mental health and life difficulties for example addiction, effects of alcohol misuse, bereavement,  trauma, historical childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, impacted by suicide, loss through illness, sense of self, identity, low self-esteem.  Anxiety, depression, confidence and relationship difficulties.  Along with supporting clients, staff and families members utilising  a Hospice setting.

 For your peace of mind

Over the years I have built a creative integrative style of practice one which is readily diverse to accommodate clients from all walks of life experiencing a wide variety of human concerns and struggles.

My journey with clients began September 2002, with my travels as a volunteer within the Doncaster Branch of Cruse Bereavement Care and whilst challenging was extremely rewarding enabling me to grow both personally and professionally.  I achieved the CPCAB Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, became an accredited Bereavement Counsellor.  Joined Branch Management and achieved success in several roles including Allocations and Referral secretary, in 2005 trained in Counselling Supervision enabling me to support colleagues supporting clients.  Also securing the Branches first commissioned Assessment Officers post creating and identifying 'best practice' for client assessment prioritizing individual needs. Along with training two other officers to deliver and work with the assessment tool.  I worked at Cruse Doncaster for 8 years and throughout my time I supported many clients enduring suffering following the death of a loved one. Clients with complex needs due to compounded grief following death through suicide, murder and suffering mental health issues alongside their grieving process.

During my time with Cruse I volunteered as a supporter within the Doncaster Branch of Victim Support.   Gaining experience and trained in serious crime to supporting victims of domestic and sexual abuse, assault, burglary, muggings and vandalism.

Towards the end of my experiencing with Cruse I joined Doncaster Alcohol Services and remained there for the next 7 years supporting clients and family members affected by the misuse of Alcohol. Supporting through, brief interventions, CBT therapy, motivational interviewing and relapse prevention.  Within the Alcohol services I was both a volunteer and sessional paid supporter of many clients who were also affected by social and financial hardship, relationship issues, transgender, lifestyle and identity issues, historical sexual abuse and a variety of common mental health issues. 

During my time at Doncaster Alcohol Services I also trained and volunteered with Home start supporting disadvantaged families facing social, financial hardships, parenting and interpersonal relationship difficulties.

My experience of working with clients has depth, breath and added awareness, skills and knowledge along with insight both personally and professionally. 

My style of working integrative means I will use awareness, skills and knowledge from specific schools of thought; learning taken from my personal growth, experiencing and healing.  The vast insight I have been privileged to gain from supporting others experiencing complex, compounded and traumatic experience in their life. 

I have a particular interest in the dynamics of relationships and how this is played out in action equally within interpersonal relating and intrapersonal relating (internal use of language  and thought). 

I am well read in the field of ’Analytical Psychology' the school of thought as defined and created by Carl Jung who offered our world some of the most used psychological concepts, typology, the collective unconscious, complexes, the archetype, anima and animus, synchronicity.  He was a creative dynamic thinker who believed in the ‘Individuation process’ which means the psychological process of integrating the opposites of our psyche. i.e. conscious/unconscious he believed in a 'Whole Being'.   My counselling therapy is client focused and person centered at its foundations. 

If you are facing difficulties, you do not have to be alone with your concerns consider accessing support for the things which perhaps hold you back from living a fulfilling life.  I am a creative and compassionate counsellor and supervisor together we will develop your growth and find the entrance to your path of peace for you to walk freely again and/or enhance all that you are both personally and professionally.

Susan Stubbings Doncaster