Written by
Susan Stubbings

This emotional maelstrom
They call it grief
At the loss of my beloved
I love so deep.

There are no words
To describe this insoluble
Feat, this crime in life
That I live, whilst my loved one died

Am I calm, am I enraged?
Am I just all dumb, yielding inside Out?
In beat and veins and breath
I just am. all and nothing

This silence that non-movement
Brings, a new quest
But hopeless that’s what it is
Wordless, powerless and pain

This aching that envelopes
Is heavy and plain
Roars the tide without recede
Enrages, disengages, encrypts,

Heart and soul, unzipped
and here I am laid bare
raw, sore, resistant to what is
Yet somehow driven on, by what?

Sitting here in the garden of my life
Inactive, what’s the point?
Intuitively draws an answer
A shift so complete in itself

I live on to bear witness too who was!
So, hold my hand, let me cry
For the desecration of my life
Until I can pace my personal goodbye!

Written by Susan Stubbings 


Susan Stubbings Doncaster